Sales Promotion Solutions

Below are six ways in which we at Impress Promotions Ltd can increase your turnover with sales promotion:

  1. New Product Launch
    The best way to quickly build-up sales of a new product is to give-away a free gift with every purchase, preferably a related promotional product bearing the brand's name or image.(eg. A free branded mouse mat with every copy of your new anti-virus software.)

  2. Increase Customer Traffic
    Increase throughput of customers into a business by offering a free gift to the first X amount of customers through the door on a certain date.(eg. A car show room offering a free branded umbrella to the first 50 test drives of the month.)

  3. Arrival of a New Company in the Marketplace
    Create instant awareness of your new Company, and what you do, by distributing branded goods to potential customers and suppliers.(eg. A new pizza home-delivery service posts branded fridge-magnets in their local area).

  4. Increase Sales of a Product
    Often a widely available product needs an added incentive to tempt the consumer away from a competitors brand.(eg. Cereal manufactures giving away a free gift inside every box).

  5. Change of Company Address
    Customers lose scraps of paper with your new address or telephone number printed on them, so give them a relevant promotional product with your new details printed on it.(eg. An Insurance Company sending a quality pen to all their existing client database.)

  6. New Corporate Image
    Many companies revamp their image to give it a fresh and modern appearance. The best way to inform the customer of this change is to create a splash with an open day complete with branded products.(eg.An Estate Agent holds an open day to celebrate their new image and gives away branded balloons, carrier bags and key rings).